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Mount Renouf Progress Society presents Mount Renouf: A Truly Unbelievable History

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Mount Renouf, the quintessential country town somewhere in Australia, is celebrating its sesquicentenary! View the town’s precious archive of objects. Experience the stories of its famous and notorious characters.
Wonder at the importance it has played throughout our history and ponder why we have never heard of this town before!

Mount Renouf is a unique exhibition that celebrates questions and comments on the historical, familiar and collective cultural clichés that contribute to our national story. Led by a narrative with tongue very firmly planted in cheek, Mount Renouf delights in nostalgia, dazzles with detail and drips satire. An exhibition that questions its audience through a humour that is quiet, subversive, gently cajoling, very dry and archetypically Australian.

The exhibition softly questions the way we view and display our colonial history, addressing a small-town historical memory and how it often elides and ignores indigenous history, particularly post-contact.
The artists behind the Mount Renouf Progress Society and through the exhibition are interested in re-thinking historical practice; in the way it is born and documented; in collective memory and perspective; and in the way that we use selective history to define our national identity.

Warning: Audible laughter may occur.