“The current name of the townsite has always baffled historians. It was originally recorded as Mount Renouf by Surveyor General J S Roe in 1835, although no natural physical feature has ever been documented. The mountain itself is thought by some to have been slowly excavated away during the subsequent gold rush. An absence of any dirt however, brings this theory into question. Some suggest that locals may have dug a large hole to dispose of the excavated debris, but what was done with the dirt dug out from this hole only further adds to the mystery. Did they dig a second hole to dispose of the dirt from the first hole? No man knows. Some locals even speculate that the mountain from which Mount Renouf gets it’s name was sold and moved to nearby Mt Mowen in the early 1900’s in exchange for livestock and malted whisky.”

Mount Renouf Progress Society presents Mount Renouf: A Truly Unbelievable History

Mount Renouf, the quintessential country town somewhere in Australia, is celebrating its sesquicentenary! View the town’s precious archive of objects. Experience the stories of its famous and notorious characters. Wonder at the importance it has played throughout our history and ponder why we have never heard of this town before! Mount Renouf is a unique

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